4 Common Dangers Associated With Automatic Garage Doors

4 Common Dangers Associated With Automatic Garage Doors

Most of the accidents that occur at home are associated with garage doors. Faulty automatic door openers are highly responsible for causing serious injuries and even fatalities. Installing overhead doors that operate automatically using opener comes with so many responsibilities. Though safety sensors have reduced the risks of accidents, there is still a lot of need to concentrate on the maintenance of these installations. One should inspect and replace the broken elements that often compels a garage opening to fall down on the vehicle.

Some safety ideas to prevent dangers associated with garages are:

  1. Garage doors are not toys: Since overhead doors are the largest and heaviest opening, one should always work or stay away from them. Ask your kids not to play or dodge under the moving door. Garage accidents occur without a door knock and generally result in life threatening injuries. In case, your pet or any other family member is pinned by the door, release the emergency cord to pull on the door at once.
  2. Install the wall buttons at a height: As overhead door are not toys, any sort of careless handling and reckless use can result in damaged components. To prevent tragic from happening, its important that you should teach your children not to play with the opener controls and wall switches. Ask the overhead door installers to install control switches at a height, so that pets and kids can’t operate them. Its also advised to discuss about the garage door safety tips and underlying dangers with your children to ensure that they are safe.
  3. Watch the door until its fully closed: Kids are often notorious and do all those things they are warned from doing. No matter how much you stop them, every time you’ll step out, they’ll be seen playing near the garage. It’s your responsibility to ensure their safety. Whenever you close the automatic door, make sure that it is closed completely before actually leaving from home.
  4. Maintain it regularly to prevent tragedies: The major reason behind falling doors is worn out or cracked door components. By inspecting an automatic garage door on regular basis, one can recognize the underlying repair issues on time. Moreover, monthly inspection and maintenance can prevent the costly repair services. If any of the element is in need of replacement, call in garage door repair experts for quality service.

These are some well known dangers that are caused by automatic overhead doors. If you are looking to install or repair residential or commercial doors, call in our professionals at Airdrie Garage Doors.