4 Reasons For Replacing Garage Door Panels

4 Reasons For Replacing Garage Door Panels

No matter, what door category or style you installed in your home, it does consist of panels that allows it to open and close. With usage and time, these panels may crack, dent or rust that weakens the door integrity. Homeowners usually ignore these minor repair signs that often turn up to become larger and asks for expensive panel replacements. The factor that decides whether only a small section or entire panel needs to be replaced is degree of damage. Since DIY repairs may turn out to be dangerous, its advised to call garage door repair professionals for quality service.

Few reasons you need to replace door panels are:

  1. Age of the door: The average life expectancy of a garage door is about ten to fifteen years, based on the amount of usage. In case, your overhead door installation is more than ten years old, go for replacing either the door or its panels. To ensure safety and security, its better to opt for a brand new installation.
  2. Old and worn panels: Most possibly, older doors are more prone to damages. Their panels may get worn or cracked due to years of usage and harsh weather conditions. Don’t wait for the falling of panels and get them repaired or replaced, whenever you notice any crack or damage.
  3. Improves curb appeal: If you are thinking about to sell your property, then a garage door is the first elements that a buyer will notice. A new looking and beautiful overhead door can greatly help in boosting the curb appeal for a property, thereby improving its resale value.
  4. Dented panels: Most possibly, kids playing near the garage with a baseball or soccer ball can hit the door while playing. This can cause denting or tearing of door panels. The other reason for damaged panels is banging of vehicle into the installation. The only solution for this issue is panel replacement.

If you notice any of these signs in your overhead door installation, consider replacing the panels. For quality door repairs, feel free to call our qualified professionals at Airdrie Garage Doors.